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A Buyer of Gold and Silver, Coins and Jewelry is located in the heart of Central New York. You will find we have easy access just minutes from the thruway in the city of Sherrill, NY. Our building sits right along Route 5 where you will see our golden yellow building with $100 bill on the front of the building.


Stop in and see us with your Bracelets, Watches, Pins, Sterling Silver, Gold and Silver Coins, Pens, Pocket Watches, Rings, Charms, Dental Gold,

Earrings, Class Rings, Silverware, 



Diamonds, Broken and Unused Gold and Silver Jewelry, Platinum, Baseball Cards, Stamps, all U.S. and Foreign Coins, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, Gold and Silver Bullion, American Eagles, Silver Dollars, Antiques, Old Toys, and more.




Do you have any old, broken silver and gold jewelry? Why hang onto it when we can give you CASH?



Any diamonds laying around? Why not CASH them in verses just getting dust on them? Stop in and let us give you a FREE estimate of their value!



Many older US and foreign silver and coins have great value. Is it time for you to get CASH for your coins? Come see us and let us give you a FREE quote.



Do you have any old watches, or have an estate that had some? Let us tell you the value of them, or come and get CASH for them!



You may have some older foreign or US bills around, do you ever wonder the value? Or do you ever need extra CASH? Come see us and we will give you CASH for them.



Many estates can be very valuable. Give us a call to desecribe to us what you have. You never know how much CASH you can get from them.  



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A Buyer Of Gold And Silver Coins and Jewelry, LLC
145 W. Seneca St

Sherrill, NY 13461
Phone: +1 315 315-280-0435 +1 315 315-280-0435

E-mail: greg@abuyerofgoldandsilver.com

Our business hours

Monday - Friday10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM - 03:00 PM

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