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Do you have a lot of old, unfashionable gold jewelry that you’ll never wear again? Do you have some broken necklaces or bracelets that would cost more to fix than what the piece is really worth? Do you know what your scrap gold jewelry is really worth?

At A Buyer of Gold and Silver we can help you get rid of that old jewelry and turn it into real spending money.

Scrap gold jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. You may not even realize how much money is sitting around your house. Our expert gold buyers can test your items and tell you exactly what they are worth. It doesn’t matter if it’s broken, hideous, or just a terrible reminder of an ex-boyfriend, it’s gold to us, and money for you.

A Buyer of Gold and Silver Coin & Jewelry offers a great way for you to have your scrap gold jewelry tested in a fun, no-pressure environment.

A Buyer of Gold and Silver Coin & Jewelry is located on route 5 in Sherrill New York. Look for our Golden yellow building. A quick ride from Canastota, Oneida, Syracuse, New Hartford and Utica. Visit Our Store We Will Pay You More!